sparks! are

sparks! are learning moments. A chance to slow down and make an impact on your child.

sparks! moments are easy opportunities to have fun with your child while engaging their brains.

sparks! can happen here. Or there. They can happen everywhere. In the grocery store. At the library. On the changing table. In the car. At the bank. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, it’s a learning moment with your child.

young girl with parent counting apples
Silly sounds

Why sparks!

sparks! are small, but they lead to something big.

The first five years of your child’s life are the most important for brain development.

  • In 90 days, the brain doubles in volume
  • In 3 years, the brain triples in weight
  • In 5 years, 90% of brain development is complete

You are your child’s first teacher.  Give it a try and see where it takes you!